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Foster Chiropractic & Wellness Center Products

We offer various supplies and supplements to compliment your health goals. Most products are in stock and available for you to take home the day of purchase. We offer the following:

Foster Chiropractic & Wellness Center offers many nutritional products

Our many nutritional products can enhance your health!

Metagenics and Standard Process

Metagenics & Standard Process are the two main lines of nutritional supplements we carry. You can purchase products at our office or you can use one of the links below to order direct from the manufacturer and have the products delivered directly to your home.

Metagenics formulas are scientific blends of nutrients. With over 400 formulas to choose from, you can add to your wellness or pain management plan. Metagenics also offers a variety of lifestyle and medical food programs that are scientifically developed and clinically tested. And best of all, they provide easy-to-follow materials. Click on this link to order direct from Metagenics:

Metagenics supplements

Standard Process products are the best source of “whole food” supplements. If we don’t have it in stock we can have it here in a few days.


We carry a wide-variety of CORE PRODUCT pillows to compliment our mission to care for your entire spine. Whether it’s Tri-Core, Sitback Rest (Lumbar Support Cushion), Slim Rest (Thin Profile Backrest), Leg Spacers.

Custom Orthotics

A custom orthotic fitted for your shoes, can help solve foot, knee and hip pain, as well as spinal problems. We offer custom fit orthotics from Sole Supports. For a professional consultation regarding whether Sole Supports may be helpful for you, please contact our office.

Premium Insoles

MojoFeet premium insoles are a budget friendly alternative to the custom fit orthotics. These insoles come in a variety of sizes to fit your every need.

Ice Packs

TENS Units

Emergen C



Contact us today or stop in to purchase our full line of products.

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